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Important News



 Application must be filed with the Assessor's office on or before July 1.

Supporting documentation to accompany the DVHTC application:

1. A current benefits paid letter isssued within 12 mo of application date

(to protect your privacy, do not send any personal health information)

2. If DD214 documents are not recorded, a copy of the DD214 must accompany the application.



--- 10/02/2020 ---


Report Building/Dwelling Changes by Email:


Please contact the Assessor's office, assessor@butlercoiowa.org,  to report building/dwelling changes by email.

A form will be emailed to you for your convenience.



If you prefer paperless, sign-up with enoticesonline to receive your next assessment notice by email.

Your authorization code is located on your assessment notice above or below your parcel number.

If you have any questions, please contact the Assessor's office or go to





If you have just purchased a home, apply at the Assessor's office.

If you have served any military time, you may qualify for a military exemption.

Contact the Assessor's office if you have any questions.


Family Farm Tax Credit applications must be filed with the county assessor by

Nov 1st.

Please contact the assessor's office if you have any questions.


Business Property Tax Credit   Iowa Code Chapter 426C.3

Business property tax credit applications are due by July 1.

Applications received after July 1 will be considered as an application for the following year.

One credit is available to each eligible parcel classified and taxed as commercial,industrial, or railway property. 

Please contact the Assessor's Office for inquiries/applications.

319-267-2264  assessor@butlercoiowa.org




Please note that the Iowa tax structuring system assesses property January 1st of every year.

Assessed values are based on land and improvements for each parcel.

Collection of property taxes begins 18 mo after the assessment date of January 1.

2019 Taxes: payable Sept 2020 & March 2021, are based on January 1, 2019 assessed values.

If you have questions pertaining to your assessed value(s), please contact the Assessor's Office.